Friday, February 12, 2010


i literally was sweating my ass off.
in the afternoon, i had plans to meet a friend at a nearby cafe, but was reluctant to leave the front door!
but because im such a lovely friend i met her, dressed in casual.

and the below is what we had for dinner

and a nice cup of tea completed my day, way to go english breakfast tea!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scorching HOT!

How long do i have to resist heat~? especially whilst working at Gloria jeans? arghhh. i sweat like a pig and i feel horrible and disgusting! And i have a little advice/experience to share~
whilst giving out samples of varying froozie drinks to passbyers, i have been rejected so many times by my own kind KOREANS! i mean, why can't they be kind enough to say no thank you or maybe later?? why do they just treat me like an invisible person and walk straight PAST! ahhhhhhhhh... i really want to have a big bitch FIT! haha. Never ask koreans.................................. -_-

i have few inspirational photos i'd like to share with my fellow readers!
HOPE you enjoy!

p.s. well since i will be studying interior design, i have researched and looked for interior ideas/styles.
p.s. my future bedroom shall be shabby chic/ lolita inspired! i will promise to put up photos of my new room after decorating!


Monday, February 8, 2010

french strawberry cheesecake PARFAIT!

i totally forgot to mention this devine dessert i had made last week!
it was my first attempt and it turned out perfect!


sorry guys, for the late post. And i have a veryyy good excuse.
i have finally been asked to work at Gloria Jeans in strathfield! woot woot.
My first actual shift was yesterday, starting from 11am till 1pm.
However, due to some misunderstanding, i had to work until 4pm, WHICH is a benefit!
i apparently get paid, 7.80/hour for a month, and after that ... over 10 bucks/hour .
My body ached with pain that afternoon, cus i had absolutely no time to sit and rest.
i'm happy at the fact that i will haveMONEY (hence wont feel pennyless), but annoyed that i will be busy/in pain!

newais, enough with my work, and off to my daily outfits!
below, is a picture of mwa, getting ready to leave off to church on a sunday morning.

hmmm... do you prefer my hair up/down?

getting ready to leave for service.

and this is the day i had a get together with my SCHOOL FRIENDS!
josie, made some lovely sandwiches of cheese/ham/lettuce/tomato etc.
thanks beautiful!
(sorry for the gals who aren't in this pic. thought you wont like the view of it =) )

Monday, February 1, 2010

Australia day

On australia day, which was some time ago, i attended with a friend to a  korean volleyball match.
For me, it felt like a picnic trip, and with the temperature of nearly 40 degrees, i dressed up nice and cool.
I had comments saying i looked like goldilock, cus of what i wore.

City life on a friday night!

Are you 18 or over? Do you love sightseeing?
Then i have an answer for you!
on a friday night, my friend took me to the city, off at wynyard station, few metres in distance to a tall business like building. As soon as i stepped into the elevator on its way to the 37th floor, i realised the elegance and devine feeling/atmosphere of the elevator. sound stupid?
well anyways, as soon as the doors distanced itself i was overwhelmed by the outstanding sight of a resturant/cafe which overlooked the entire city, on top of that, the floors slowly rotated around the circular stem of the resturant, in order for customers to view the city life. A waitress introduced herself, and directed us to a table with a scented candle glittering with excitement.
Since my friend wanted to shout, she order a cocktail (forgot the name) but it tasted like iced COFFEE, so nice!
we took several photos, and chatted away about life =)


sorry for bad quality photos!