Monday, February 1, 2010

City life on a friday night!

Are you 18 or over? Do you love sightseeing?
Then i have an answer for you!
on a friday night, my friend took me to the city, off at wynyard station, few metres in distance to a tall business like building. As soon as i stepped into the elevator on its way to the 37th floor, i realised the elegance and devine feeling/atmosphere of the elevator. sound stupid?
well anyways, as soon as the doors distanced itself i was overwhelmed by the outstanding sight of a resturant/cafe which overlooked the entire city, on top of that, the floors slowly rotated around the circular stem of the resturant, in order for customers to view the city life. A waitress introduced herself, and directed us to a table with a scented candle glittering with excitement.
Since my friend wanted to shout, she order a cocktail (forgot the name) but it tasted like iced COFFEE, so nice!
we took several photos, and chatted away about life =)


sorry for bad quality photos!

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