Monday, February 8, 2010


sorry guys, for the late post. And i have a veryyy good excuse.
i have finally been asked to work at Gloria Jeans in strathfield! woot woot.
My first actual shift was yesterday, starting from 11am till 1pm.
However, due to some misunderstanding, i had to work until 4pm, WHICH is a benefit!
i apparently get paid, 7.80/hour for a month, and after that ... over 10 bucks/hour .
My body ached with pain that afternoon, cus i had absolutely no time to sit and rest.
i'm happy at the fact that i will haveMONEY (hence wont feel pennyless), but annoyed that i will be busy/in pain!

newais, enough with my work, and off to my daily outfits!
below, is a picture of mwa, getting ready to leave off to church on a sunday morning.

hmmm... do you prefer my hair up/down?

getting ready to leave for service.

and this is the day i had a get together with my SCHOOL FRIENDS!
josie, made some lovely sandwiches of cheese/ham/lettuce/tomato etc.
thanks beautiful!
(sorry for the gals who aren't in this pic. thought you wont like the view of it =) )

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