Sunday, January 31, 2010


its 1.20am in the morning.
i'm wide awake, on the hard floor of my sisters room. (Btw, i'm on bail. Mum has invaded my sweet sweet room, because she can't stand being woken up at 4 in the morning by dad who prepares to leave off to work! consequently,i've been kicked into sis's room for like everrrr )
So literally, it feels like all my belongings have been confiscated!
i'm desperate to sew an outfit, but is it possible... ? NO! grr..
what to do what to do.!

well.. whilst googling and the usual routine of checking mails, i stumbled across a blog called EGL.
AND i literally fell into tears!
there was an actual LOLITA GROUP IN SYDNEY! i was overwhelmed with joy, because, now i have found a member of family!
they recently dressed up meeting at the pancakes at the rocks etc. and taking photos!
can't believe i missed out!
below are photos of sweet lolita etc.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today's outfit!

I made the ribbon headpiece from cotton fabric, and decorated with an embroidered flower.

I introduce my sweet sweet mother! She unexpectedly looks younger than me.

The weather was rather cooler than usual, Which is in fact a good matter!

Afternoon tea

On thursday afternoon, i somehow, yearned to have english breakfast tea added with delicious sugar donuts!
While classic music played in the background, i enjoying the beautiful sunset from my bedroom window!

the pink and white cake is made of felt. i have recently begun to handsew as a hobby, making bits and pieces. By the way, it's unfinished and needs more decorating.
Why not, have a relaxing afternoon, whilst sipping your favourite tea and viewing nature? its the best.
i recommend it.
if it gets a bit boring, read your favourite book!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


yes... i did get a fringe.
i thought i did a horrific job, but after styling (hairdry) it doesn't appear as bad as i expected.
i was off to meet my friends at Strathfield.
maybe a little too dressed up?
oh well. i like dressing up..=)

Korean dessert, fruit bingsoo.

English breakfast tea, at burwood with girls.

Lolita all the way

The first few posts, might not have revealed my inner fashion,
But from here... i will unveil my secrets.

Japan is my life, and its subcultures... its just so... mesmerising.

My past will be the past...
and my present/future,  will be filled with sweets, flowers and a life of a lolita.
i yearn to dress like a lady, or more like a child.
My style really differs at times depending on my inspiration and lust.
so welcome to my world.

Dress code: Shoes-bought at a market in korea. dress-Bought from a japanese store, brand name is:  uno shimada. fake leather Jacket-market in korea. Vintage leather bag- dooney and bourke

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More photos


Seoul Forest Korea

illuminating photos captured by Min Young Lee, at Seoul Forest and a shopping district, Korea.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shopping in korea.

That was my mindset, when planning my vacation to korea.
I expected the SO-TRENDY asian clothing to be under the price range of ten dollars. How foolish could i have gotten?
Jeans were $20, tshirts ranged from $5 , shoes from$30 .
sounds reasonable?
Well, i actually argued with my friend min, complaining, disputing, at the fact how dispicable the price is. Now to think of it, it was driven by the greed of my mindset. Ha.
Now i'm back at home, sydney, unpacking, left in a quizzical manner. I seriously thought i had purchased at least 100 products. But no...
All i owned were,
7 pairs of shoes (pretty satisfied with them... actually i'm totally inlove with them)
2 pairs of jeans (they are HOT)
1 military jacket (always been on my shopping list)
and the rest were spent on fabrics, which will be used for CLOTHING!!!
can you actually believe it? .
i spent more than a month in korea,,,, and i hardly bought anything! What was i doing?
debating about the expensive price range with my cursed mind? arghh.
dont ever be like me!
enjoy your holiday, and dont be stingy when it comes to shopping.
because they are probably worth it.
I did leave this information out... but i reckon i should spill it.
i bought really nice looking jeans for ten dollars. they fit me quite well, and i looked petite in a way.=)
unfortunately, after wearing them for a week, the denim, slowly began to disintegrate.
it would have been perfectly ok, if it was around my leg cus i would have done something creative. BUT, it just had to be around my private area. GREAT.
i have learnt a grave lesson.

Back to my shopping story!
i have been literally everywhere in seoul with my friend. I was inspired by so many shops on the sidewalks. They shine bright, yearning for passbyers to walk straight in. i'm so captivated by its interior. its so unique and interesting. i would kill for my bedroom to look identical to it.

i shall upload more photos.
p.s. my memory card is with my friend atm, so by tomorow, all the photos should be up.