Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scorching HOT!

How long do i have to resist heat~? especially whilst working at Gloria jeans? arghhh. i sweat like a pig and i feel horrible and disgusting! And i have a little advice/experience to share~
whilst giving out samples of varying froozie drinks to passbyers, i have been rejected so many times by my own kind KOREANS! i mean, why can't they be kind enough to say no thank you or maybe later?? why do they just treat me like an invisible person and walk straight PAST! ahhhhhhhhh... i really want to have a big bitch FIT! haha. Never ask koreans.................................. -_-

i have few inspirational photos i'd like to share with my fellow readers!
HOPE you enjoy!

p.s. well since i will be studying interior design, i have researched and looked for interior ideas/styles.
p.s. my future bedroom shall be shabby chic/ lolita inspired! i will promise to put up photos of my new room after decorating!



  1. Hi! :D
    I am glad you found my blog, there are many lolitas in Syndey!
    There is a a livejournal for lolitas in Australia:

    I love all the photos!
    My mum and I are fans of the shabby chic ^.^

  2. Wow these pictures are all so adorable and pink, thankyou for posting...