Sunday, January 31, 2010


its 1.20am in the morning.
i'm wide awake, on the hard floor of my sisters room. (Btw, i'm on bail. Mum has invaded my sweet sweet room, because she can't stand being woken up at 4 in the morning by dad who prepares to leave off to work! consequently,i've been kicked into sis's room for like everrrr )
So literally, it feels like all my belongings have been confiscated!
i'm desperate to sew an outfit, but is it possible... ? NO! grr..
what to do what to do.!

well.. whilst googling and the usual routine of checking mails, i stumbled across a blog called EGL.
AND i literally fell into tears!
there was an actual LOLITA GROUP IN SYDNEY! i was overwhelmed with joy, because, now i have found a member of family!
they recently dressed up meeting at the pancakes at the rocks etc. and taking photos!
can't believe i missed out!
below are photos of sweet lolita etc.

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